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          What judgments do we impose on a human being because of their body? In these photographic portraits of men in women's clothing I explore the identities and societal roles we communicate with our skin, body shape and gender performance. Ironically, the women photographed for contemporary media are so thin, small hipped, flat-chested and tall that the traditionally masculine body is now more naturally shaped to represent the idealized woman. I am interested in what happens when men strive to meet the same paradigm of beauty as women. Why do some people view men wearing women’s fashion as a perversion or even mental illness? Our cultures polarized genders are charged with rigid expectations and definitions. However, this gender binary is now up for redefinition. This indeterminate place that we find ourselves in—this sliding scale on the gender continuum—leads to fluidity in self-presentation that makes some uncomfortable, and is new-found freedom for others.

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